Laurence Bond Miller

The Color of Water

Original Pop Surrealist Watercolor Design by Laurence Bond Miller

"I dabbled with art, decades ago during my drug infused youth. Raw, simple two-dimensional designs and color drawings. An abstract, surreal, lyrical style based on natural form, often using a plant like free-cursive structure. My style developed initially from the act of hallucinating letter forms as plant life as I wrote poetry, outlining into abstract implications and landscape. Now, long since sober & clean, I continue to re-render evolved interpretations of these original drawings, as well as brand new paintings with a fresh perspective. NOTE: I don’t believe in signing my artwork, on the front. Can you imagine if a songwriter (which I also am) were to sign a recorded work?   “Strawberry Fields for – John Lennon – "  


Laurence Bond Miller is a musician, first & foremost, having performed and recorded in a number of original bands since his teens - most notably; SPROTON LAYER, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, XANADU, EMPOOL, NONFICTION, EMPTY SET, and LARYNX ZILLION'S NOVELTY SHOP.

Since 2007, Laurence has been recreating the most inspired of his unfinished art sketches he kept, but on a larger scale. Laurence soon began painting new works as well, and is quick to admit though highly inspired, is in fact an amateur with no formal training.

In 2010-11, Laurence filmed a number of his paintings “in the process” in time-lapse with an overhead aerial camcorder mount. These short little Art Films documented this creative process, later edited with sound design support by twin brother, Benjamin Miller.

Laurence continues to paint today and has been showing his work in various outlets and venues in Ann Arbor and New York.